Accommodation Arrangements

When students consider where to study, of course they think about quality of education & post-study employment opportunities.

But you’ll also need to think about practicalities.

  • Where will you live?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is there transit nearby?
  • Is it safe?

Booking an accommodation as early as possible to land your preferred rooms at the best deals is important.  You will be staying at this accommodation for a good period of time whilst adjusting to the new environment.  A conducive study environment in a convenient location and great facilities will certainly have a palpable impact on your university experience and lifestyle.

Besides On-Campus & Off-Campus accommodation options, Xcel HEC has partnered with global accommodation providers specializing in student accommodation to offer you even more choices!

Our Accommodation PArtners

We have partnered with 2 global accommodation providers to provide you the best stay during your studies


Find your perfect student accommodation in the UK and Australia

Casita has over 200,000 rooms across 60 UK Cities and accommodation options in all major Australian cities. Casita’s accommodation experts are ready to help make your building/room selection, booking and payment process as easy as possible.

Start your search immediately by following this easy step-by-step process and a Casita accommodation expert will be in touch with you today.

  1. CLICK HERE: Casita
  2. Select your University, intake and budget
  3. Submit your details to immediately receive room options that suit your requirements
  4. Shortlist and submit an enquiry for the rooms that you like
  5. A Casita accommodation expert will be in touch to guide you through the booking process

Casita Accommodation Advantage

How to use Casita


Why Book with Casita?

We Offer Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

All of the buildings and rooms that Casita deals with are designed for and occupied by students. Only students live in Casita buildings.

We Cover UK & Australia

We have student rooms available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, and all other major student cities; and Australian cities, like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin.

We Are 24 Hours

Casita also has a 24-hour multilingual customer support that does the work for you to ensure you find the right home.

We Carefully Select Our Rooms

We have luxury private studios to shared rooms with en-suite allowing everyone a large selection to choose from, depending on budget and space requirements.

Your Perfect Student Accommodation


Book your perfect home in 400 cities worldwide is the world’s leading marketplace for international student housing, helping students find their perfect home abroad. has been six years in the making and our international team has already helped thousands of students find their home.

We have the widest and most carefully selected range of rooms that were built and are managed specifically for students. This gives you the power to explore and compare a variety of rooms across different neighbourhoods so that you can make the right choice. Choosing the right home provides a safe and inspiring foundation. It helps you to grow and make the most of your journey.

  1. CLICK HERE: Student.Com
  2. Select your College, City or Property, alternatively you can also search by move in and move out date
  3. Shortlist and make a booking for the rooms that you like

You can also read more about the suitable bed types and room types before you book. Booking Promise

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