Enjoy a picturesque study environment at the land of the long white cloud

New Zealand is a sovereign island county in the southwestern pacific ocean which is first in the world to witness the sunrise each morning. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses, the North Island and the South island with around 600 smaller islands. The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, is the southernmost capital city in the world.

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

New Zealand offers world-class education that is based on the British system and qualifications are well-respected & recognized throughout the British commonwealth, the EU, the english speaking world and many other countries.

All 8 universities are in the top 3 % in the world and the country has produced many top international performers in arts & sports.

Teaching style offered here involves practical, hands-on learning, asking questions & critical thinking.

More Affordable Tuition Fees & Living Expenses

Enjoy all of the above perks without breaking the bank! The overall cost of studying in New Zealand is generally cheaper compared to other countries like US, UK and Australia.

Improve Your English

The 3 official languages used are Maori, English & New Zealand Sign Language. Many other languages are also present due to the ethnic mix of the population however, almost everyone speaks english either as native speakers or fluently as a second language.

This means there are ample opportunities to improve your workplace-relevant english language skills.

A Warm Welcome

New Zealanders, also referred to as “Kiwis”and are some of the most friendly, loving and welcoming people that you will ever meet!

The locals are quite laid back & easy going.

NZ’s community is multicultural since many were either immigrants themselves or their ancestors before them. Freedom of speech, expression & religious beliefs are openly practiced with tolerance and respect for others.

Safe & Stable Economy

New Zealand is one of the safest places to live in the world and the world’s second most peaceful country (Global Peace Index, 2018).

International students will be able to enjoy a study experience with peace of mind in a politically-stable country and high-quality living standards.

According to the Corruptions Perception Index, New Zealand is the 2nd least corrupt nation in the world.

Enjoy an Unbeatable Lifestyle with Work/Life Balance

Over 1/3rd of New Zealand is made up of protected parkland and marine reserves harboring a wide variety of scenery. In fact, the landscapes here are so majestic that the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was mostly filmed here.

Outdoor activities is extremely popular here such as camping, mountain biking, skiing, white water rafting and more. And you could enjoy all this with a backdrop of some of the world’s most stunning & picturesque scenery.

The winters are mild with temperatures around 10℃ and slightly wet. Snow may be present at higher altitudes.

In summer, the climate is warm and dry with temperature averaging 25℃. The temperature fluctuations between summer and winter are less extreme compared to most countries that present an enjoyable climate all year round. However, seeing 4 seasons in one day is not unusual either.

Opportunities for Work & Residency

International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week part-time.

Those who successfully complete their degrees are entitled to a 1-year work-permit. During this time, securing a job that is directly related to your degree qualification opens up opportunities to settle permanently in New Zealand.

With the numerous perks as mentioned, it is no surprise that New Zealand is amongst the top destinations worldwide for international students.

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