an alluring mix of cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class education system and dynamic cosmopolitan vibe

Singapore is a small yet booming country, with an extremely stable economy. Singapore gets a lot of foreign investments because of its skilled workforce, corruption-free society, low tax rates and well-developed infrastructure. Students usually choose Singapore as their study abroad destination as it has abundant career opportunities. Apart from the international business investments, many reputed international universities have also invested in Singapore. Singapore offers an alluring mix of cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class education system and dynamic cosmopolitan vibe thanks to a blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

English Speaking Country

English is one of the 4 official languages and is widely used in Singapore. This means it is relatively easy and comfortable to get around. All educational institutions use english as their medium for teaching.

Multicultural Society

Singapore is a strategic hub in Southeast Asia & a multicultural country with people originating from all over the word living, studying and pursuing their careers. Although it is combined of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religions, this incredible diversity functions in harmony and is relatively conflict-free. The country is a perfect blend of East and West, where students get to meet people from all over the world and benefit by being familiar with an inter-cultural environment as well as global networking opportunities. Singapore is regarded as the easiest city to adapt in Asia, especially for foreign students.

Clean and Safe Country

Singapore offers international students an ideal study environment with comfortable living. The country is safe and has low crime rates due to its strict laws. The city streets and public transportation are completely safe for commuters. It is also a clean and vibrant place to live in, with the name of “Garden City” as numerous green parks are found all around the country.

Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) Education Grants

The Singapore government has introduced the Tuition Grant Scheme for international students. International students who are pursuing a full-time undergraduate/diploma course are eligible to apply for the subsidy for the course fee, by signing an agreement for at least a 3 year bond to work in Singapore after graduation in return for the grant.

Affordable Quality Education

Studying in Singapore is one of the most economic choices for students who want to pursue international education. Apart from the tuition fees, the cost of living is significantly lower than many other developed countries.

Depending on the university and course enrolled in, Singapore’s immigration laws permit students to work for up to 16 hours a week during school days and full time during holidays to support their own financial needs.

Top Notch Education

Singapore is considered as one of the leading study destinations in Asia. Its education system encourages independent learning among students and a high level of academia has added an impetus to the country growth. Many foreign universities also have their campuses set up in Singapore. Collaborations between universities in Singapore with other associations and universities worldwide will continue to bring students a truly global experience.

A Leading Global Business Hub

The strategic location & business-friendly policies has made Singapore a hub for trade and commerce in Asia. It is definitely one of the best places to pursue a business degree and a known hub for management studies due to its role as a famous international financial centre. Many major companies have established their HQ in Singapore. Most of the courses offered by the universities in Singapore have strong industrial bonds, creating a strong foundation for practical learning and an effective industrial interface.

Employment Opportunities

Due to its strong industrial focus, Singapore has a strong economy. There is bound to be a number of opportunities available as many organizations are also offering graduate programs and internships. Acting as a hub of major economic activity, there are various international companies in Singapore which provide excellent business networks as well as job opportunities.

Students can also get a long-term social visit pass that gives them 12 months of stay in Singapore after they complete their studies to look for their desired job.

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