The birthplace of hospitality

Magnificent mountain ranges, chocolates, cheese & watches are just a few things that come to mind when thinking about Switzerland. Although conveniently located in the heart of Europe and bordered by Germany, France, Italy, Austria & Liechtenstein, Switzerland is not part of the EU. Switzerland is the largest producer & consumer of chocolate in the world and also well known for famous watch brands such as Tissot, Longines, Rolex, TAG Heuer & Omega. 56% of Switzerland’s power is provided by hydroelectric and 39% from nuclear power plants.

High Quality Education

Swiss universities have great reputation as one of the leading countries in the world known for high quality education, especially for hospitality. This is evident as Switzerland is home to some of world’s best-ranked academic institutions. ETH Zurich has hosted 31 Nobel Laureates and many universities are ranked top 200 in the world.

There are over 10,000 multinational companies headquartered in Switzerland presenting opportunities to work in many international companies.

Innovation is the Game

Switzerland is consistently ranked as one of most innovative & competitive economies in the world due to universities conducting cutting-edge research & significant government investments in both public & private sectors.

Master Languages

Because of the close proximity to bordering countries, Switzerland is a multicultural country with 4 national Languages: German (64%), French (20.4%), Italian (6.5%) & Romansh (1%).

One of the biggest perks is exposure to different languages & cultures. Switzerland offers multilingualism & a unique opportunity to sample life across Europe in one convenient location.

Although english is not an official language, most locals speak english and university courses are widely taught in english as well.

Geographical Crossroads of International Diversity

Switzerland has a diverse population. About 23% of the population comprises of foreigners. 25% – 40% of student populations are international. It is also ranked amongst the most travelled European countries by tourists. As a result, it can feel very welcoming for international students.

A brilliant transport infrastructure allows easy access to explore and travel around locally.

Switzerland is also an excellent base to explore Europe due to its central location. You could hop on a plane or train and be at Paris, Rome, Vienna or Berlin in just a couple of hours!

High Living Standards

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful & sophisticated cities, Switzerland is consistently ranked amongst the best places to live in the world due to high-quality health care, low unemployment rate & stunning scenery.


Crime & unemployment rates are amongst the lowest in the world, which makes Switzerland one of the safest & happiest countries in the world.

The Scenic Route

Home to 208 mountains over 3,000 metres high, along with the iconic Swiss Alps, extensive green pastures & crystal clear lakes, studying in Switzerland offers a breath-taking scenic backdrop for academic life.

And of course, there are abundant opportunities for learning popular adventure sports such as mountaineering, skiing & snowboarding. From St Moritz to Zermatt, Switzerland is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts.

With the numerous perks as mentioned, it is no surprise that Switzerland is amongst the top destinations worldwide for international students.

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