Live the American Dream!

The United States of America is also referred to as “the States”, “the United States, “the U.S.”, “the USA”, and “America”. It is often referred to as “The land of the Free” because Americans have the right to express themselves freely in speech & print. The continent has tropical islands, arid deserts and snowy plains.

The United States is a federal republic & representative democracy with Washington D.C as the capital and is also the founder of many international organisations such as The United Nations.

The U.S. is a highly developed country with the world’s largest economy accounting for 25% of global nominal GDP. Despite income disparities, the country’s large population enjoys high average incomes, a relatively young population, moderate unemployment & technological innovation.

Whilst Americans make up of only 4% of the world’s population, it holds 31% of total global wealth.

The U.S. remains the most popular destination in the world for international students.

Quality Education with a Unique Curriculum

The U.S. has one of the finest education systems with excellent programs across all disciplines.

Most U.S. institutions have an excellent international reputation.

The Program structure here instills equal emphasis on building a strong foundation of theory as well as practical, employment-related skills. There is an emphasis on education in “liberal arts” so students don’t just focus on one specific major, but a variety of complementary subjects such as philosophy, literature & history. This is intended to prepare students to have wider general knowledge, to be more thoughtful and a well-rounded person on their journey to be an international citizen.

29 of the top 100 universities worldwide are in U.S. (QS world university rankings 2020) and the U.S.remains one of the world’s leaders in ground-breaking developments in business, technology, scientific research & creative innovation. The 3 most popular fields of study for international students are Engineering, business & management and Math & Computer Science with 40% of all international students studying a STEM course (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Customize your Own Degree

Not sure what to study? No problem!

The American education system is one of the most versatile & flexible worldwide.

Undergraduate students can choose to try different courses before declaring a major at the end of the second year. This means you do not have to decide immediately what to pursue and allows more time and opportunity to explore your interests.

If you have already decided what you’d like to do, you can still study another subject and complete a “double major” within the 4-year time frame. There are also opportunities to change majors or opt for multiple specializations.

With more than 4,000 universities ranging from college towns to commuter cities coupled with the sheer number of courses, there is sure to be a perfect fit for every student.

Improve your English

English is the primary language and all courses are taught in English.

Interestingly, the U.S. does not have an official language at the federal level. However, English is the most common language used in daily life with Spanish coming second.

Cultural Diversity

American Universities are bastions of cultural diversity with 77% of all international students coming from Asia. Classes consist of students of all ages, country of origins, religions & nationalities. This promotes a rich and stimulating environment that encourages cross-cultural interaction.

The mix of cultures will be an eye-opening experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The U.S is one of the world leaders in terms on technology & scientific techniques and are committed to providing the same level of resources to students.

This means innovative classrooms with optimized classroom experiences and state-of-the-art facilities.

Campus-Life Experience

There are opportunities to live on-campus in university housing.

Usually, these accommodation arrangements offer a very active social life on the university campus with many clubs & organizations. There is usually a huge range of academic, cultural & athletic activities to choose from. Fraternities & sororities are also prominent in the U.S. This means you will have the chance to immerse yourself in numerous extracurricular activities and engage in an active campus experience

Dedicated Support Services

U.S. universities offer excellent student support services in order to help international students transition smoothly into the new environment. There will usually be a dedicated team on-campus for matters ranging from orientation, career advice, VISA issues, financial aids to mental health services.

Experiential Learning

There is a strong emphasis on internships & career advancement in the U.S. education system.

Opportunities will usually be available for students to take an internship or co-curricular practical training – through assistantship programs for university credit in a job that is related to the field of study.

At the Masters or PHD level, there is ample opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best researchers in the world, thereby improving employment prospects.

International students may work up to 20 hours per week.

Live the American Dream!

The U.S. education system builds critical thinking skills, develops self-confidence & cross-cultural skills – all of which are highly regarded attributes by employers worldwide.

The experience & academic study from U.S. universities carry forward a very positive outlook in the international job market.

The highest number of entrepreneurs and start-ups are happening in USA, more than anywhere else in the world. As a result of the diverse population and presence of multinational corporations, the U.S. may be your launch pad to an international career.

Many immigrants are living their American dream which is why it is also known as the land of opportunity.

With the numerous perks as mentioned, it is no surprise that United States is amongst the top destinations worldwide for international students.

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